Strengthen your body
Deeply Relax Open your mind
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Prana= energy/breath

Pranayam, Asana, Meditation

A class that focuses on the traditional aim of yoga - a quiet mind, ease in the body and a happy healthy life.


Traditional yoga postures with a focus on releasing tension, balancing energy and creating space.  The class will include gentle twists forward bends inversions and backbends.  Suitable for all including beginners.


Working with the breath is a powerful way of invigorating the body by building energy through conscious breathing.  At the same time Pranayam is wonderfully calming to the nervous system and quietens the mind in preparation for meditation.


Is becoming increasingly important in a fast paced world and the benefits are recognised by many spheres of society such as business, health & sport.  A regular practice of meditation enables greater insight into our own workings and helps release tension & anxiety calming the nervous system which allows for a stronger immune system and less dis-ease.

“Essentially a yoga routine that encompasses regular asana, pranayama and meditation practice can be beneficial in paving the way toward greater spiritual balance and awareness on and off the mat.”