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Lisa Donnelly

Diploma in Remedial Massage
Certificate lV Fitness Instructor

Lisa Donnelly joins the team at Wollongong Wellness Centre with 17 years experience as a Remedial and Sports Massage Therapist. Lisa specialises in holistic treatments designed to identify postural causes of pain and dysfunction. 

Lisa comes from a Fitness Industry background and taught group Fitness classes such as BodyPump, BodyAttack and Rpm, plus boxing and Spin classes and so she personally understands how important it is to have your body in peak condition to achieve your training goals and feel great doing the things you love and living life feeling energised pain free. Lisa provides an empowering and education based approach to her sessions, using her expertise to coach each patient how to receive the best outcome from each massage.

Lisa will work with you to design a personally tailored treatment program that delivers improved range of motion and empowered power and sports performance outcomes. Lisa is also very happy to work with tired mums and overworked business people to just unwind and walk out feeling lighter, less tense and ready to take on the world!

Lisa is now available for bookings at Wollongong Wellness Centre

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