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Chakradance Awakening – 9 week Journey

Come and join us for the 9 week Chakradance Awakening Journey, offered by Katherine and the Wellness Centre starting on Friday  28th July through to 22th September at 7.30pm to 9.30pm. This is a deep healing and awakening journey through the 7 chakras, with an Introductory Week at the beginning and Integration week at the end, where we dance the 7 chakras.

Each week, we dance to specially formulated music that harmonises and balances each of the chakras as we go on a guided journey, where you explore the sacred energies and archetypes of each of the chakras. Dance to the watery, sensual flow of your inner goddess, or the fiery rhythms of your inner warrior, as you get the chance to explore through dance aspects of yourself that you may not usually express. This is a wonderful way to bring healing to any blockages or imbalances in the chakra and to activate a flow of energy and connect you with a positive, healthy expression for each of the chakras.

Chakradance suits all levels of fitness and ages and no dance experience is needed. Wear comfortable clothes that allow easy movement. Classes are 2 hours and your investment for the 9 weeks is $275 including drawing materials. Each class includes mandala art, which is simply drawing in a circle, that acts as a container for the healing and transformation that takes place and helps to integrate your experience.

"Each time I journey through this 9 week journey, I'm amazed that there is yet another level of insight, healing and transformation to be danced into my body and life." The 9 week group is a sacred journey into a deeper connection with yourself, where you will have the opportunity to listen to the messages of your body and soul and find the healing and insights that are right for you at this time. This is a deep, powerful and even life changing journey, that words cannot really describe.

Chakradance Awakening Journey begining Friday  28th July through to 22th September at 7.30pm to 9.30pm

or phone 02 42263777 to book or more information