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Come along and experience this wonderful healing dance journey for body and soul, offered by Katherine and the Wellness Centre. Chakradance is like a gentle tune up for your body, revitalising and balancing your body’s energy systems. Dance the 7 Chakras – A Healing Journey with Mandala Art is a gentle healing experience using specially composed music, guided imagery and expressive dance, to free energy blocks in your body and improve your energy levels and aliveness. Mandala art is used to assist with integrating your healing experience. More information below. No dance or drawing experience is required. Suitable for all levels of fitness and ages. Wear comfortable clothes that allow easy movement. Classes are 2 hours and your investment is $35.00 including drawing materials.

Dance the 7 Chakras – A Healing Journey with Mandala Art, is so much more than a dance workshop, it is a healing journey, that brings you home to yourself. Modern life is so busy for many of us and Chakradance is a wonderful way to connect back with yourself at a deeper level and become more aware of what is going on with your body, where you are holding tension and blocked energy. We dance in sacred space, giving you the opportunity to play, explore, dance and journey, to find your flow and self- expression through dance, music and art. This is an inner journey, where you find your own rhythm and flow, as you move to music that ranges from tribal rhythms, to slow and sensual to ecstatic trance music. There are no special moves to learn and it suits experienced dancers or those who have never danced before.

The chakras are a gateway to our spirit and connect with our emotional body, mental body, physical body and glandular system. When our chakras are open, balanced and healthy, there is a flow of energy from our spirit through our emotions and physical body. When a particular chakra is blocked, the energy is dammed up, affecting the expression of emotions and energy through this chakra. For example the solar plexus chakra is the chakra regulating vitality, personal power, confidence and self expression. When this chakra is blocked. energy levels are reduced and self expression and confidence ar inhibited.

"We describe CHAKRADANCE as a dance practice for the soul. It is about reconnecting back to our true essence or true self. Our intention with Chakradance is to honor the work of the soul. To tap into that deeper part of us and hear what it has to say." Nathalie Southgate - founder of Chakradance

So many people in modern society are suffering from depression, addictions, loss of meaning and purpose. In traditional shamanic cultures, such symptoms were seen as indicating a loss of connection with the deeper self or soul. Basically there is a loss of communication and connection between our inner and outer self and life.

The soul or deeper self, has a natural instinct to heal. Our soul is always communicating with us - through our body, feelings, dreams, art and dance. Chakradance is a wonderful way to make time to listen to your soul and to facilitate a deep healing journey to begin.

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Katherine is an experienced Chakradance facilitator as well as a qualified Art Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, Coach and Meditation Teacher.