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Wollongong KMI Structural Integration

Structural integration KMI WollongongKinesis Myofascial Integration has its foundations from the work of Dr Ida Rolf, and has been developed by Thomas Myers, author of the very successful Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians.

KMI SI, is a 'hands-on' therapy approach, that has the fundamental aim of alleviating structural imbalances in the body. It is practiced through a series of 12 sessions, which takes an holistic approach and recognises our 'problem areas' are often not just local, but fed from body wide patterns. It aims to take account of this, progressively working around the body, from superficial to deep and back again.

Rather than chasing an ideal of 'the perfect posture', SI is a system of work designed to create more comfort in movement, alleviating strain. Good posture will require less effort, breathing feels freer, ease and efficiency enters your daily movements.

SI is a type of bodywork that focuses on the fascial network (connective tissue) of the body. Fascia unifies and organises the entire musculoskeletal system. The plasticity of this network, in responding to the usual stresses of life, trauma, habits and repetitive movement is what allows us to become unbalanced, altering our posture over time.
It is this 'plasticity' of the fascia however, that allows us to restore some balance and order to the system, by applying manual skills.

To create lasting change, the client actively engages in the process, to sense and feel the changes and to integrate new movement patterns into their lives.

The Benefits Include

  • Can ease chronic pain and stiffness.
  • Restores natural alignment and length.
  • Improves posture, movement and energy.
  • Unwinds strain patterns residing in your body.
  • Can improve and enhance athletic performance.

Structural Integration Series Details

More information on the SI process and what each session involves can be found HERE

Consultation times

  • 90 mins for KMI Structural Integration sessions $125
  • 60 mins for Remedial massage & Structural bodywork. $89  (or pay for 5 upfront and save 10% * conditions apply)

Michael Patterson is a qualified and accredited KMI SI practitioner and is available for sessions at the Wellness Centre Wollongong Tuesdays and Thursdays. For appointments phone 42263777 or BOOK ONLINE HERE

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