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Spiritual Consultant

Hi, I'm Katherine Amber Murray, Spiritual Consultant and Akashic Guide. I assist people to get clear about where they are NOW and where they want to BE. To CONNECT with a deeper sense of PURPOSE that is the key to overcoming the doubts, fears and limiting beliefs that are stopping them achieving what they truly DESIRE!

I specialise in assisting sensitive, creative and intuitive people to thrive, grow and prosper by creating a clear vision of what they truly want and tapping into their strengths and inner resources to achieve it.

I am passionate about assisting people to live more authentically and purposefully, so as to make the unique contribution to the world they are here to make.

We are all born with unique qualities, strengths and gifts that make us who we are and are the key to living in our brilliance and making our unique contribution to the world.

So often who we are gets lost and covered over by layers of criticism, judgment, shame, guilt and negative beliefs, so we are surviving rather than thriving. When this happens, we don't feel good, or fulfilled or passionate about our life and seem to be just going through the motions of another day. Many people get to a point where they realise this and want to make a change, but don't know how to make a change or even what they really want. They may find themselves dealing with low energy, low level depression, being overweight, not sleeping well and feeling unmotivated and unenthusiastic about life.

There are times when we all can benefit from some assistance to get back on track. You can either struggle on doing what you are doing and getting the same results, or get some assistance to do things in a new way and get new results.

By learning to tap into your strengths and inner resources and developing new habits and strategies that really support you, there is a new sense of confidence and empowerment. As you connect with a deeper sense of purpose and meaning and creating a vision for your life, positive changes begin to take place.So many of us have dreams that we are not really living, gifts and abilities that we are not fully tapping into and when that happens, we may feel we are just surviving, rather than really thriving and prospering in ways that create a sense of aliveness, passion and joy.

Is it time for YOU to THRIVE instead of just SURVIVE?

Are you wanting to make positive changes in the areas of health, relationship or career and haven’t been able to do that?  

Are you wanting support to make changes and breakthroughs that significantly improve your energy levels, happiness, success and prosperity?

Katherine has a wealth of tools to assist you to find clarity and purpose, through activating the power of your vision and inner resources. She is a highly experienced and qualified coach and practitioner with many modalities to draw on in her work with clients. Katherine holds qualifications and certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal Art Therapist, Akashic Records and Energy Translator, Counsellor, Coach, NLP, Timeline Therapy®, Meditation Teacher and Chakra Dance Facilitator. She works intuitively, energetically and strategically to assist you to breakthrough whatever issues you are struggling with in your life - health, career or relationsip.

Is it time for you to give yourself the support, tools and strategies to achieve your goals and outcomes in 2017 and beyond?

Katherine offers 2 hour initial consultations, where she works intuitively, energetically and strategically to assist you to tap into positive energy and insights to support you to achieve your goals:-

  • assisting you to get clarity about what you truly want
  • activating positive energy to support your goals
  • releasing old energy, emotions and patterns that no longer serve you
  • changing limiting beliefs and patterns
  • tapping into your inner resources and strengths
  • opening to new possibilities and solutions
  • connecting with a sense of purpose
  • creating a compelling vision for your life

I look forward to assisting you to create the changes that allow you to live the life you truly desire!

Katherine Amber Murray, Spiritual Consultant  & Clinical Hypnotherapist


Spiritual Consultancy  Initial (2 hrs) $225.00

Coaching Follow up (90 min.) $180

For bookings please phone the Wellness Centre Wollongong on 42263777 or BOOK ONLINE HERE

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