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Holistic Hypnotherapist Wollongong

Clinical Hypnotherapy Wollongong experienced qualified hypnotherapistKatherine is an experienced qualified of Clinical Hypnotherapy who takes a personalised approach to assisting people to breakthrough what has been stopping them achieving their personal goals and outcomes.  Whether that be losing weight, stopping smoking, better managing stress, depression, anxiety, trauma or pain, Katherine works with you to strategically move through what has been stopping you being the best version of you.

If you are going through significant life changes in your career or close relationships, hypnotherapy can assist you to access resourceful states and find clarity about how to move forward and open to new possibilities and solutions.

Katherine can assist  you to overcome and better manage:-

  • stress
  • anxiety and depression
  • insomnia
  • trauma
  • phobias
  • depression
  • emotional eating
  • addictions

Hypnotherapy has been found to achieve results in a shorter period of time compared to many other therapeutic approaches.

A holistic approach assists you to improve wellbeing, reduce stress and feel better about yourself as you open to new possibilities and solutions to start living your life in all of the ways you truly want to by tapping into the power of your unconscious mind to assist and support you to make positive changes.

Holistic hypnosis, assists you to connect with your inner resources and to harness the power of your imagination.

Guided visualisation and active imagination techniques develop new pathways in your brain that assist you to access positive feelings and make changes to your thinking and behaviour more easily.

Hypnosis works with the power of a relaxed mind, that allows you to make changes to how you think and feel and to find new solutions to assist you to achieve your goals in an easy and natural way.

Coaching and NLP bring the latest mind technologies, tools and strategies, to assist you to change your thinking and limiting beliefs and to get the results you want.

Katherine is a highly trained and qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and registered member of ASCH. Katherine’s professional training includes:-

  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Diploma of Counselling
  • Diploma of NLP
  • Certified Results Coach

Your first step is to book your initial consultation. Consultations are 90 minutes, though the first consultation may take a bit longer. During the session, Katherine will outline your personalised program and what you can expect in terms of the number of sessions to achieve your goals.


Hypnotherapy  $195.00 for a 90 minute session

For most issues you can expect 4 to 6 sessions. Special package price available.

For Hypnotherapy bookings please phone the Wellness Centre Wollongong on 42263777 or

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Wollongong member ASCH australian society clinical hypnotherapists


I have been working with Katherine for several months in the fields of hypnotherapy for weight loss, health and self-esteem in my personal life and in my business success coaching, NLP and personal development. The personal and professional results have been nothing short of outstanding! Losing the blocks in my mind around health and body image enabled me to lose 5 kilos in 10 days and more importantly look in the mirror and smile! My business has had a 197% increase since working with Katherine! She is an expert in her fields and I recommend her to anyone wanting a permanent change in result!

Kylie De Briais Backer, Senior Director, Le Reve

“ I have had 3 pain management sessions with Katherine. I had previously been bedridden with extreme cramping in my back due to torn ligaments. I was unable to turn and lie on my side. When I began the sessions I was able to sit and stand but was still on frequent strong pain medication. 

After each session I found my pain was significantly reduced –particularly after the 3rd session. From the first session I was able to reduce my pain medication at night to occasional rather than every night. After the 2nd session I only needed 2 tablets over the period before the next session. I have not needed pain medication since the 3rd session.”

Lesley, Blue Mountains