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Chiropractic & Osteopathy in Wollongong

You will know & feel confident you are in good hands at the Wellness Centre

Currently the Wellness Centre does not have an in-house Chiropractor or Osteopath available.

chiropractic wollongong chirpractorFriendly, professional & comprehensive treatments with no pressure, no contracts & no obligation. It's no fun being in pain!

No medical referrals required (HICAPS available)

Chiropractors are primary healthcare practitioners; therefore a referral is not necessary. More and more GP's are however referring to Chiropractors via the Enhanced Primary Care Program (EPC). Call us on 02 42263777 for more details.

We Balance & Align Your Spine

The human body has been created and constructed upon sound mechanical principles and any deviation from these, particularly in the spine, can interfere with the body’s normal functioning processes. Most misalignments of the spine or vertebra are either tense, restrictive in movements and at times very painful.

Phone the Wellness Centre Wollongong on 02 4226 3777 for more information.

Vertebral subluxation and dysfunction can produce irritation to the nervous system, interfering with its ability to control or spine chiropractor wollongong chiropracticinfluence other organs or systems. Also this can interfere in blood supply to and from vital organs and tissues. Since the spinal cord is the centre of all parts of the body, interference with its normal function can produce a wide variety of symptoms.
The Chiropractor / Osteopath after skilled evaluation & diagnosis, can remove this irritation by the expert adjustment of misaligned vertebrae and the balancing of muscles and ligaments, thus allowing the nerves to exert their normal control and function once again. Read more on the Benefits of Chiropractic Osteopathy here

chiropractic chiropractor wollongongChiropractic & Osteopathy look at functional and nerve irritations and may request X-rays and do orthopedic and neurological testing. Many medical doctors have been working with  chiropractors/osteopaths for many years  and are happy to refer patients to them  for their expert capabilities,  X-ray interpretation and Comprehensive Medical Legal Reports for Insurance cases.
Their profession generally looks upon health and the whole picture. They prefer not to look at only symptomatic treatment and see sickness, illness and disease in many cases being the result of the rules, laws and principles of health being ignored or compromised. They would rather guide, direct and motivate clients back to health the natural way.
It has been reported society has been overwhelmingly disgruntled and dis-satisfied with medicine and the overuse and abuse of the prescribing of drugs for lengthy periods with the addition of overuse of surgery in some cases. Many see Chiropractic and Osteopathy as a welcome alternative because of the results and successful clinical results and patient referrals.wollongong chiropractic chiropractor

 Phone the Wellness Centre Wollongong on 02 4226 3777 for more information

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