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Mum’s Barre

Bump and Beyond Health & Fitness for Mums

Classes  Mondays & Thursdays at 11am  in Wollongong Pricing options and 2018 New Year Offer below

Pre Natal barre Saturdays 10.30am (no bubs with this class sorry)

mums bubs pregnancy barre bumpsOur Mums’ Barre class is suitable for pregnant mums in their second and third trimesters, and then from six weeks after giving birth.
Mums enjoy a full-body, ballet and pilates workout at the ballet barre, to tone and lengthen the body and promote weight loss without building muscle bulk.  The class is suitable for all fitness levels, as our instructor, Jen, provides alternatives and options to suit women with bumps, babies, and beyond.
Children of all ages are welcome in the class.  Mums can wear their babies in a carrier, or have them close by on the floor or bring a rocker. Miriam loves to cuddle the babies that need that little bit of extra attention. Toys, snacks and electronic devices can be brought to entertain older children.
No dance or pilates experience is necessary, and the class is tailored to the fitness level of participants.

*Children and babies of all ages are welcome to attend this class. This is a flexible class to allow children to accompany their mothers, however you remain responsible for your children.
Whilst we endeavour to provide a safe environment for your children, the Wellness Centre takes no responsibility for any injury that may occur while visiting, or as a result of visiting the Wellness Centre.…
**While our classes are tailored to the needs of the individual, please seek the advice of a health professional before undertaking a new exercise program. Pre and post natal women should also seek the advice of their doctor or midwife before beginning exercise. A brief free consultation with Elizabeth is required for all new pregnant students.

We provide pilates mats, bands, balls & weights for the use of the mums. Please bring a sling or baby carrier, if you have one, as well as a blanket and a favourite toy.

Please arrive in plenty of time so you and your baby are in the studio ready to start at 11am.


Special Offer 1 For those new to the Wellness Centre, purchase an Introductory Casual Pass for only $10 to either a Prenatal Yoga/Pilates class or a Mums Barre class. This pass must be securely purchased & booked online via the free Wellness Centre Wollongong App. HERE. Or the Wellness Centre site Apply promotion code INTRO42 at checkout. Cancellation conditions apply. Places subject to availability. Offer valid until 5th July 2018.

Special Offer 2 for mums new to the Wellness Centre's Studio Prenatal and Mums Barre Classes! 15% Discount - Buy a 10 class pass** online for only $153 (normally $180) . Apply promotion code MUMS#1 at checkout. Offer valid until 5th July 2018.

Classes are held Mondays and Thursdays at 11am and  subject to availability. Bookings required (online or via our Free App)

Pricing options for these classes include

Casual $22 Pay as you go
5 class pass $100 $20 per class
10 class pass $180 $18 per class
20 class pass $320 $16 per class
Mums 6 Class Pass $15 per class. Must be used within 6 weeks

Introductory Passes do not cover Mums Barre, Mums Pilates or Prenatal Classes or workshops

If you plan on doing more than 2 classes a week including other general classes then the Direct Debit for $66 per fortnight are best value. See reception for membership.

Introductory Passes cannot be used for these classes. Class sizes are limited to 12

Purchase your class passes here, otherwise you can register online as unpaid and purchase your pass at the Wellness Centre before class.

Online Booking is required via our Free app or on your computer. See live Class timetable. Otherwise is you don't have access to online booking please call us on 42263777.

More classes to be scheduled soon. If you and/or a group would like a specific day and time please call 42263777.

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